Dubula Hunting Safaris is a first class operation. From the time they picked us up at the airport until the time we were dropped back off we had a fantastic trip. Ryan, the hunting, the staff, the accommodations, the food, and the service were all top notch. Even more importantly you’re treated like family which was an experience we’ll never forget. This was my wife’s first trip but after her experience she’s ready to go back with me. This was my third trip to Africa and our next trip is already booked with Dubula again. Also, please feel free to share our e-mail address and my personal cell number which is : (614) 837-7435.

Dubula Safaris. – Great hunting, there were numerous trophy quality animals on a beautiful terrain. Great food with wonderful accommodations. Even Greater People. Everyone was was very professional from the PH, camp manager, trackers, as well as the skinners. My wife and I are going back this year and hopefully many more after that. This will be my thirteenth straight year hunting in Africa and Dubula is the best. Can’t wait for my grandson to be old enough to bring to Dubula to hunt with me.

Home: 1-732-985-6835. Cell: 1-732-921-1750.

Dubula safaris provides an awesome African hunting experience. The quality and the quantity of game is second to none. Ryan Beattie is an excellent PH and treats each client as if they were his own family. The accommodations are excellent and the food is prepared by an excellent staff who provides you with both international an African cuisine. When you book with Dubula Safaris you arrive as a client but leave as a member of Ryan’s family.

Email: zdog58@yahoo.com

My hunt with Dubula Safaris was my sixth African safari and I can highly recommend them to anyone wanting to experience the thrill of African hunting. Their hunting concessions are rich with game(more than any others that I have encountered) and their professional hunters are first rate. Their accommodations and staff are also first class. Their willingness to insure that their clients are completely satisfied stands out above everything.

Tom Murray

I have hunted all over the world over the past 20 years. Dubula Safaris was by far my most favorite hunt to date. In fact, it was such a great experience that I have booked a second hunt. The accommodations, meals, guides and amenities are first class.

Brad Simala

In late June 2018, my wife Nancy and I traveled to South Africa to hunt with Ryan Beattie and Dubula Hunting Safaris. I had gotten to know Ryan by visiting with him at the WV Hunting and Fishing Show in Charleston, WV. I hoped to fulfill a life-long dream of hunting plains game species in Africa, particularly Kudu, Waterbuck, and perhaps Sable. My experience with Dubula Hunting Safaris was everything I hoped it to be and more. Ryan, Evern, and their team were always cheerful, friendly, and helpful. The game was plentiful, the food outstanding, and the accommodations excellent. We enjoyed fine dining daily, and great fellowship each evening with our hosts.

The hunting was outstanding. Each day we set off together to spot and stalk our targeted species. Ryan was always quick to provide useful instruction and helpful advice in a friendly and supportive manner. This was my first African safari, so I welcomed his cheerful assistance. We communicated well together, and we were successful in our efforts to harvest each of the game species I sought. I desired to get to within 250 yards or less for each shot, and Ryan got me there in every case. I am very pleased to provide an unqualified reference for Dubula Hunting Safaris. My experience was the realization of a life-long dream. I plan to return in 2020, or as soon as possible, for a second trip.

Mark Bias
Kenna, WV

I am so glad I picked Dubula Safaris as my first ever African Safari- it was an experience of a lifetime (except I hope to go back soon!). After reaching Port Elizabeth, I was whisk away to the ranch where I got settled in to the spectacular lodge. Ryan and Evern, the host and hostess, made me feel right at home and every meal was five stars! Ricky, my guide, was not only knowledgeable but a great friend as well. If you want to experience African hunting, this is the safari for you!

Sam Tatalovich

We had a wonderful time staying at Dubula Safaris. My wife and I stayed for a week, the hunting was awesome, the food was great, and the company was even better. The Dubula gang really did a great job catering to us, and made us feel like we have known them for a long time. Can’t wait to book our next trip there!

Jerry Yeargain

Let me state first we meet Ryan Beattie of Dubula Hunting Safari about 8 years ago thru the West Virginia Hunting and Fishing Show. Over the years we became friends and talked about hunting in Africa. We had the itch to go back for are third hunt. The best idea we had was book with Ryan, so May 2017 we where on are way. We had a wish list of the animals that we wanted, but were unable to harvest on are two previous hunts. Kudu, Eland, Sable and Red Hartebeest. We added a few more animals to the wish list. Ryan was as good as his word in helping us harvest a very good representation of the animals. A trophy is in the eyes of the beholder. This is a top-notch operation his support staff is great. The meals was some of the best. The lodge was wonderful, very comfortable. I enjoyed sitting on the veranda every morning to watch the sun come up or just to sit and read a book or glass for animals.

When you go on a hunt with Ryan and his wonderful staff you will have the time of your life. For the folks that don’t hunt you are safe to walk around the area and take pictures in site of the lodge. I suggest you take a ride out on the truck because the area is very large. You come as a client but you leave as part of his family. Laughing and good hearted teasing is shared around the fire at the end of each day and what animals you got to see while you where out.

Just remember if you do not harvest all the animals on your wish list it is a excuse to come back. We have booked our second hunt with Ryan for 2019. We may just come again and visit and not hunt. We will bring our grandchildren to Ryan’s for their first Safari. They have a saying in Africa: You leave part of your heart and soul when you depart Africa, but you become whole again when you return. A very true statement for us. My other home is in Africa.

Don- 1-304-951-0017
Valli 1-304-545-8831
Valli Lockard

Well it has been two weeks since we finished our safari. Mentally I’m not settled in old daily schedules yet.
I just wanted to take a few minuets to write to you. For me, being my fourth safari I had an idea what to expect. I was wrong. You exceeded my expectations. I was really worried about how Doug would be. He & I have been hunting together since 1971. Many miles and trails together. This was his 1st safari & I wondered how he would be. I have never heard him be more complementary about a trip as to what he just experienced. NEVER. And for that I had to write to say thank you. Ricky & Jeff have become his brothers, he loved them. And Karl he was great, beyond GREAT. Thanks for him being my PH. I just needed to let you know how we all felt about DUBULA Hunting Safaris. Please don’t hesitate to use me for a reference.


This was my first time in South Africa and we were very nervous about who to choose for our guides and Camp. Once we met the great staff at Dubula all of those worries were obsolete. They took care of everything from start to finish and everything in between. Their professionalism and connections went far and we were treated like royalty once we hit the ground in South Africa. Everything felt as if we have done it a dozen times. The accommodations were very clean comfortable and the meals were unbelievable. You will not go hungry. All of the guides we hunted with worked together as one team to make everyone’s trip the best it could be. Most importantly we both were able to take all of our animals and more. The PH Juan put us in the best and most successful positions necessary in order to fill our card. I can’t say enough great things about the team at Dubula. The accommodations and customer service were top notch. We developed friendships to last a lifetime. I would highly recommend anyone to hunt and stay with Dubula.

Kyle Coar

I want to thank Ryan and Evern for the great trip and experience that I had with Dubula Safaris, you and your staff are the best. I have 60 years of hunting experience and about 45 trips all over North America, and this trip was the number one trip of my hunting career. Each day hunting with Ricky and Jeff was pure joy, I have great affection and respect for both of those guys, and I think about them often I hope you have good hunting the remainder of your season and look forward to seeing you at the Harrisburg Outdoor Show. Thanks again for everything.

Doug Ingram

In Oct 2019 we vacationed and hunted at Dubula in South Africa. Our trip was the best vacation ever. Evern, Ryan and John made our trip very enjoyable. Hunting was excellent, our chef was excellent and our PH John was excellent. Evern and Ryan made us feel welcome and provided a relaxing environment. We would love to return to them in the future.

In Regards,
Lynwood & Deborah Smith
We are from PA.

I highly recommend hunting with Dubula Hunting Safaris. I have hunted all over North America for 30 years and I have enjoyed hunting different species of big game animals including Black Bear, Elk, Mule Deer, Antelope, Whitetail, Wild Boar, etc. However, none of the those hunts compare to the my hunting experience at Dubula Hunting Safaris this past summer. Dubula’s staff was very professional and ensured that all aspects of my hunt were addressed during my eight day stay. I consider them all good friends after my hunting trip. Dubula’s friendly staff picked me up at the airport and drove me to their beautiful ranch property where I hunted multiple African animals. The accommodations were excellent: the rooms were very clean and the beds were very comfortable; the food was similar to what you would eat at a 5 star restaurant in the United States; and they had an outdoor fire pit and grill which was very nice to utilize after a long day of hunting.

The terrain I hunted was spectacular. I hunted in dry creek bottoms, steep mountains, tundra, and wooded areas —everything a person would want to experience while hunting big game animals. I came in contact with Zebras, Giraffes, Baboons, Monkeys, and other unique creatures that I had never seen before. Everywhere I turned during the hunt, I could have taken a picture to frame and place on the wall. The professional hunters and trackers were very knowledgeable of the various game species on the ranch and helped me to harvest seven African Big Game Animals: Kudu, Bush Buck, Sable, Impala, Blesbuck, Nayala, and a Black Wildebeest. The hunt also provided me with a awesome cultural experience. I learned a great deal about the people of South Africa, their lifestyle, and economy. The country is rich in history. Finally, this hunt is very affordable when compared to the cost of a hunt for a single big game animal in North America. If you are a serious hunter, you have to make plans to hunt Africa at least one time and Dubula Hunting Safaris will provide you with a lifetime of wonderful memories.

A non-hunting spouse or family member would also love this trip because there are many activities to engage in throughout the region. Do yourself a favour and contact Dubula and book a hunting trip next year. You will not regret that decision. It was a hunting trip that I will never forget.

Michael Moore
South Charleston, West Virginia

I had an amazing, unforgettable, 10-day safari trip, and I only “hunted” 1 day. I went fishing 2 days and road the back of the truck the other days tailing along with the other hunters. I got to experience the hunts, see the game, and experience Africa! The entire staff and particularly the owner and all the PHs made each day a day/night to remember.

Edward J. Englehart
Johnstown, PA

I have twice been a guest to the Dubula Hunting Safaris team at Molweni, the first time looking for antelopes, and the second time for the thrilling experience of a Cape buffalo “walk and stalk” hunt with Ryan! All the hunting I did there was both ethical and challenging, always meeting my expectations, and I found the trophies bagged to be of very good quality and standard. Besides my trophy room at home reminding me of the good and exciting times, I especially keep in mind the hearty welcome extended to me as well as the friendly, warm and homely atmosphere that I experienced during my stays. The accommodation is comfortable, the food excellent and the company outstanding! I first walked-in as a client and absolutely feel that I last left as a long-time friend…

Maxime Rey

Hunting in Africa has been a dream of mine for over 20 years. In June, Dubula helped me see that dream come true. Everything about this trip was first class and top notch. It started with them putting me in touch with the right people to make booking flights, overnight stay in Johannesburg and transportation seemless and extremely safe. Once on property, the rooms were large, clean and very comfortable. It was like staying at a 5 Star Resort. The food and service also was on par with a 5 star resort. The food, ohh man the food. What an experience to have wonderful dishes such as warthog sausage, wildebeest lasagna and wild mushroom soup. Our PH was simply fantastic. His knowledge and skill was the best I have seen in over 20 years of hunting. He worked so hard to ensure we got the animals we wanted and stopped at nothing to ensure we had a successful hunt.

Thank you to Ryan, Evern, Juan, Ricky, John and the rest of the Dubula Family.

Eric Rice